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Looking for a Full Service Direct Response Agency / TV Production Company?

Since 1973 Digital Direct Response TV has helped over 1,500 people and businesses take their products and services on television. We've helped many products become massive successes. We'd like to make sure you make the right decision as you launch your product or service on TV.

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The Leaders in Direct Response Marketing & Advertising

There's a reason why direct response marketing and advertising produce revenues of up to $30,000,000,000 per year: they're highly effective; simply put they work!

Unlike ordinary TV ads that many view to be all gloss and no substance, "60 second commercials and 30 minute Infomercials" present viewers with so much more. They give details about their price, their features, how different they are from other products and what benefits the viewers can get from using them. Plus, not only do infomercials provide more information about the products and services they're selling, but, because they have the luxury of time, they can also better persuade viewers to look seriously into what they are offering.

Direct response marketing is also very effective in the sense that with it, you can quantify just exactly how well your advertisements are performing. The number of people who take action (either by buying your product or asking more information about it) after seeing your infomercial tells how effective your ads are and which of them strikes a particular chord with the market.

Direct response marketing and advertising strategies, most notably infomercials, have the ability to reach and affect the audience like no other form of advertisements can. They're engaging, they're informative, they persuasive. And DDRTV is here to help you take advantage of these benefits.

A privately owned company headed by a leader with more than 35 years of experience in marketing, DDRTV can help bring your products and services directly to the market. DDRTV is one of the leaders in direct response marketing, and using different strategies from 60-second ad spots to full-length infomercials--- the company can help bring focus and attention to what you are offering. And because we have access to many of the direct marketing broadcast networks in the United States and 23 other countries, you're products are ensured of reaching a greater number of the audience or households.

More Than Just Infomercials

DDRTV's services do not end in producing effective infomercials, however. As a full-service direct response marketing and advertising company, we can also set up merchant accounts, help pack and ship your products to customers and assist you in producing print ads on different publications worldwide. Our telemarketing professionals can also help you with your direct response marketing needs by receiving or making calls to potential customers.

Direct response marketing and advertising is one of the most effective ways of bringing your products and services to the end consumer--and DDRTV has been doing this for 35 (thirty-five) years.

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